Her Writings

The following are actual writings of Jamie's in her Senior year in High School (unedited):

May 1994
Mrs. Dailey
LA 442

Three Things I Want To Be Remembered By When I'm Gone

When I am gone, I want people to remember me for my good qualities and not for my bad.  I want my family to remember me for all the good times we shared together.  I want them to think of all the fun vacations we've gone on.  I want my family to say how I was a positive addition to the household.  I want them to say that going to my grandparents in Florida was fun with me there.  I want to be remembered as part of my family.

I also would like to be remembered by my friends for all the fun we've shared.  For all the times that we made trips to the mall, movies, friend's houses, Stone Mountain, Six Flags, Myrtle Beach and other places.  I want them to remember me for my personality.

I want people to remember me for being a hard worker.  I want them to realize how much effort I put forth in school and to my job.   Like in Algebra I, I stayed after twice a week for studied constantly so I would have a passing grade.  At work, I have a perfection routine for when I close at nights.  If I didn't perfect something, I will not leave until I did.  Even my shoes in my closet are organized, as well as my clothes.  I want to be remembered for my organization.

I would like to be remembered for my positive addition to the family, my personality, and for being a hard worker.  These are three positive traces of me that I would like to be remembered by.

Ten People I Admire and Why

There are many people I've met through my high school years that I admire.  Most of them are close family members and friends.

My grandparents would probably be the most influential on me.  They helped me realize how important an education is.  They've traveled all around the world and got me interested in traveling.

My Mom has helped be through allot.  She helps me out financially when in debt.  Whenever I'm having boyfriend or friend problems, she talks to me about it and gives me advice.  She set good standards for herself and follows through.  She can blow away peer pressure like a leaf in the wind.

I admire my older sister, Amy, because she maintained a "B" average in high school and is new attending DeKalb College.  She has a 1990 Dodge Shadow, which is very nice.  She studies hard and deserves the grades she makes.

My younger sister Mandy, is also greatly admired by me.  She is a leader and is always herself.  She does things out of the ordinary just because nobody else does them.  Mandy is not a afraid to let people know how she feels or what she thinks of them.

Although my father made a lot of wrong choices in his life, I still admire the good qualities he held.  He went to Virginia Military Institute, (VMI), for four years and is an engineer.  He is a very smart person.  He can think of things and ways of doing them that nobody else can think of.  His sense of humor is great.

I also admire my younger sister, Katie, because she is so cute.  She is dedicated when working on school projects.  She has an imagination that goes a long way.  She has original ideas.

I admire my Aunt JoAnne, who is my Mom's twin.  She started a small wallpapering business and is now being referred by Wallpaper Atlanta.  She is dedicated to her job.

My cousin, Kristie, and I have been close for as long as I remember.   When she couldn't drive, I took her everywhere.  Now that she drives and my car is broke, she takes me everywhere.  We share half of our clothes and even work at Ryan's together.

My best friend, Natalie, is very much admired by me.   She has a lot of potential.  I know she will go far in life.  Even in our classes, she always makes a few points higher than me.

Last, but not least, I admire Valerie, my other best friend.  She is so easy to get along with.  Last year, she got pregnant and married.  Through all the hard times, she still kept her ambition high.  She plans on graduating this year and starting a small college.  It is amazing how she is still achieving her goals after having a baby, and so soon after too.

These people have been a great influence on me.  I admire all the good qualities in each of them.

Mrs. Dailey
LA 442

Three Comments After I Pass Away

Nobody ever thinks about what people might say about them after they pass away. People don't realize that once they're gone, the outlook they've given everyone on them is permanent from then on. I believe that people should start acting like they want to be thought of because we never know when we're going to leave this world. I have thought about this personally. I'm building a character that I want to remembered as.

I would like my immediate family to have the best comments on me. I want them to say how fun I was on family vacations. I want them to say how the family without me is like a window without curtains. I want them to remember our humor together and jokes we cracked up at home. I want them to say how I always tried to help out my best when they had personal problems or financial problems. It would also be great if they talked about how much they loved me and how much I love them in return. I hope they realize that anyone in our family is more important then any friend or boyfriend. Even if everyone in my family moves to another continent, we'll always know what's going on in each other's lives.

What my grandparents say about me is very important to me. I want my grandparents to be proud that I listened to their advice on getting an education and went through with it. I want them to be proud of me for following their footsteps as far as wanting to travel. I know my grandparents are very proud of me. I want them to say that I always tried my best and didn't let myself get down if I didn't succeed. I want my grandparents to say how I brought joy and laughter into their hearts. I want them to say how having me visit them in Florida was a pleasure, although they say it now.

My friends comments on me after I pass away are important to me too. I want my best friends, Natalie and Valerie, to remember me for the fun times we shared. I want them to realize all the learning and growing up we did. I always talk non-stop about guys to both of them. I want them to say how boy-crazy I was. I want them to remember all the wild parties we've gone to, especially Natalie. I want them to say how I always forgave them easily because I knew that holding a grudge wasn't worth holding off a friendship. I want them to say how I always talked to them about their problems and gave my best advice. I hope they realize that a friendship builds character and that they feel good for building up my character.

There are many comments I want these three important sets of people to say about me. I must start or keep up living up to the character I want. I realize I must create other's outlooks on me. My immediate family, my grandparents, and my best friends are the most important people to me. I want them to all say these positive things about me after I pass away.

The Two Types of Depression

Have you ever found out that someone dear to you has suddenly died? Have you ever placed your expectations high on an exam and failed? Has a sweetheart ever openly informed you that their love for you has come to an end due to their unfaithfulness or loss of interest in you? If yes, have you ever dwelled over the situation? If so, you may have emotions ranging from mild sadness to despondency, anguish, unhappiness, and severe sorrow. These emotions and all other emotions dealing with sadness are the cause of the two types of depression. Today I would like to inform you about the two types of depression and the basis from which they begin.

The main cause of depression is sadness, a special pain which is not physical, but mental. Sadness and normal unhappiness must not be confused with depression. Sadness is a pending state of sorrow which tends to develop into a state of depression. Sadness is an unpleasant emotion which has a tendency not to be extinguished rapidly, like rage, but to last. It does not motivate the tendency toward immediate action and discharge, as rage and fear do. It slows our activities and aids slow mental processes causing us to reorganize our thoughts about our chosen life directives. It causes us to purposely behave differently.

Mild depression is the first form of depression. These individuals are not so impaired that depression overwhelms all other psychic contents. These people are able to ignore depression throughout each day and go about their own business.

The second type of depression is Severe depression, which includes the individuals who ca This is greatly influenced by the environment. In contrast to the individuals of mild depression, these individuals are so impaired that depression overwhelms all other psychic content. It can start in early childhood years. A person born into a home unwilling to accept him and care for him is more likely to become severely depressed in the future. Generally, the parents would overly increase their expectations in the child, causing the child to have an emotional breakdown. Many times in families of depressed patients, there are many children. The first born usually tends to gain the attention and pride from the parents. So far, statistical studies proved that the order of birth matters in this case. The parents’ attitude toward life generally tends to evoke an early sense of duty and responsibility in the child . When the parents are dissatisfied with their own lives, they resent their children as increased work and responsibility. The parents do not openly admit this, rather they overly increase their expectations, placing the child in a position where they have an objective. Losses may greatly become the cause of depression. We endow people and things with our interest. Therefore, when they are taken away, we often suffer deeply. The death of a mate, child, parent, sibling or a close friend is a common loss concerning people. The loss of a home by fire or other damage, a job, savings or illusions is a common loss concerning materialistic objects with great and often sentimental values to us. Death enhances the appreciation of the one who is gone forever and can no longer feel the joy of being loved. The death of a beloved parent, a spouse, or a child has more passion than the death of a brother, sister, or close friend. Husbands and wives become much more important to each other than they realize. When ties of interest are shut off, we are forced to withdraw from the lost object. We need to re-establish ties because we have cut off an important relationship. The problem is that we don’t want to because we think that nothing can substitute for the one who is lost. Nobody can take the place of your mother or father, husband or wife, or child. Therefore, victims of depression are captured in this awful position. But if we are emotionally healthy we can accomplish moving on in life. Life forces us to do so in self-defense. We let the departed rest and take up life again with a little more love and appreciation for those who are left. When death approaches, life seems negative to the ones left behind. Slowly but surely though, we come to realize that the departed one has left a gift -a greater sensitivity and appreciation of all others thereafter-a little greater appreciation of life and everything in it.


Letters - The Foremost Method of Long-Distance Communication

I’m sure you have all gone on a trip, met someone and promised to keep in touch. Or perhaps you moved away, promising to keep in touch with your family and friends from the area. Of course, we all have. But what’s the best way to let someone you care about know that you still care? Writing letters is the foremost method of long-distance communication in many ways.

First of all, it is a lot less expensive to write then it is to call. On average, you can spend the same amount writing a lengthy letter as you can on a 2-3 minute long-distance phone call.

If there’s a lot to be said and you want to make sure you say it all, writing is the most qualified method because you can be authorized over organizing the stamina of your gossip. Often when talking on the phone, a person might say something without fear of reprisal and realize it after they’ve hung up. If this person had written a letter, they could have revised what they’ve written and the receiver would not have attained the knowledge that an unmannerly remark was expressed.

Photos are nice to receive in the mail.

She obviously did not finish the paper, but the message is quite clear from the first paragraph.  We all need to make sure to keep in touch, and with the internet we can now do it better and faster than ever!  I always find little tidbits from Jamie, and it seems that she has left little messages behind for all of us.   Lets listen to her.  Remember the Stavron family when we were all young?   Now that we have grown and become busy with our lives, even the family has lost touch.  I believe this little tidbit was a message to us all - lets stay  close.

Since I moved to Dallas, the appreciation I have for our family has grown tenfold.  No more do I loath family get-togethers!  Ours is something I took for granted.  I miss you all! ~Miranda


The Art of Music

Many people do not think of music as an art. Music is not just tunes, but in many cases an expression of someone’s feelings. It is a message that someone wants to send to the listeners. There’s a lot of art to music.

Funny music can be the long version of a joke. The singer may change the tone of his voice to add humor to the song. For example, in the song "Grandma got ran over by a Reindeer", the singer tightens his mouth while singing to change the tone of his voice. He also adds a few funny jokes in the other verses to support the theme of the song.

Love songs may give a feeling of happiness or sadness. When a singer sings about their strong feelings for their loved one, it might give a feeling of happiness. When a singer sings about how they lost someone they loved, or sings about perhaps a death, it might give a feeling of sadness.


Saturday, May 7, 1994

My Senior Prom was definitely a strange one. First of all, I had a date with Corey Goodman, but when he didn't call me for 8 days and I WAS his girlfriend, I broke up with him the first thing when I saw him. I know, "Go, Jamie!" (Just Kidding).

Having only one week and one day was very hard trying to find a date. So I said to Chezzy, "You have to go to Prom with me!" He said, "Man, I don't do that stuff." And I wanted to take him SO BAD too!

Melanie and everyone else said, "Man, you should go anyway with Tristan and Melanie, Corey or no Corey!" After a lot of thought, I decided, "O.K., I'll go anyway!"

The problem was that my mom had grounded me from Prom 2 weeks before for skipping 2 straight days of school. So I had to sneak my dress out. I hid it under the porch in a small hanging, clothes bag. My mom went under there to get the lawn mower and I be damned if she didn't see it! So I hid it in the back-seat floorboard of my broken down Ford Escort. My car is broke down by the flower bed. She suddenly decides to plant flowers, so I'll be damned again if she didn't see it the second time in her view. Finally, I snuck it to her car, told her Mandy and I and some friends are going to Stone Mountain.

So we left and I got ready at Melanie's. Sherry, her best friend, came over with her date, Ken. Tristan came over and we took pictures of the 5 of us. Melanie's parents are so nice. I like them.

I took Mandy to Marcus' house to go off with him and Adam. I met Sherry and Ken back at Melanie's house. They picked up another girl who's date dicked her over, Nicole. She was so funny! She had this fake accent. We ate at Altobelli's Italian Restaurant. Sherry's dad's Visa took up the tab, so that was good. I got to try snails and eat my favorite, veal!

They dropped me off at my prom and they went to Brookwood's. Ours was at the Marriott off Pleasant Hill, out by Gwinnett Place Mall. Melanie and Tristan also were there. We had fun, socialized for an hour and got pictures, 6 hours after we did our hair! I said, "Melanie, I'm having so much fun without Corey! I bet I would've been bored off my butt if he came."

Tristan rented room #108 at the Marriott off Jimmy Carter. Mandy, Adam and Marcus showed up. So did Missy Clippinger and Louis Austin. Blake Bayless went in on the room in cost with Tristan. Not even thinking about it, Mike Hickox, my X, walks in with Blake. We barely talked until Mandy got sick in the parking lot and threw up. He asked me if she was o.k. and walked outside with me.

Tristan took us home and I drove my mom's minivan back home from Melanie's. Mandy and I told my mom that we went mid-night bowling and came home around 3:30. I was smooth about sneaking it, but I won't be about this letter!