Valerie (Behling) Brown:

"It really touched me to see I had the privilege to be part of her life in her own words. I never knew she had the writings form school/college. I still have “the shirt” It became a joke between Jamie and I. You may remember, but anyways I came home from school with Jamie after school one day and spilt a drink all over me in the car on the way there. So once we got to your house Jamie gave me one of her shirts to put on. From that day on (for 2+ years) I had the shirt waiting to take to Jamie. I forgot every time. I walked out the door and forget to grab it. Then every time Jamie came to the house I would always get her shirt out for her to take home. She would forget to take it every time she walked out the door. It finally got to so old saying “I forget the shirt” for the both of us. We finally just laughed and made joke about how many time we both had for got to get or bring it. Needless to say I still have the shirt. I keep it on top in my shirt drawer. I’ll keep it forever!"