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Jamie ~ 1 Year old                             Amy, Jamie, and Mandy


Once upon a time there
was a old man in and                            
old house.  The
window's were cracked.
mostley broken.  There
was ashes in the fire
Place That haven't
been cleaned for 30
days.  His Bed was
broken and His name
was Dougless.  He was
59 years old.

Jamie Ann Quillen

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Sound Alike Names

Once upon a time there
was a kid named Henry
Hissy Willyam.  One day
his friend Paul Hissy
said, "why don't we meet
somebody that sounds like
our name." So Henry
thought of Henrietta and
Paul thought of Paula.
Soon, Henry and Paul put
an ad in the newspaper
which said, "if your name
is Henrietta or Paula,
then send a letter to 168
Norethern Southern
Highway, Boston, Texas
48325." Over 9,845,698
names were Henrietta and
over 9,108,456,980 names
were Paula. They flipped
when they heard how many
names there were.
Especially Paul. There
was Paula Gordon, Paula
Tabe, Paula San, Paula
Little,and many more.
There was Henrietta
Seana, Henrietta Collans,
henrietta Locks,
Henrietta Soanstellys,
and much more. They were
going to send a letter to
all of the Henrietta's
and Paula's, but they
just wrote down all of
the names and drew one
name.  Henry drew

Copyright 1986
Jamie Ann Quillen

       Jamie Ann Quillen

        January 8, 1985


Explain how to look up word in
a dikshenarey.

First if you don't know how to
spell a work, you could try
useing a dikshenarey.  It's
the best thing to use.  For
N stents, If you wanted to
look up ocean, you would get a
dikshenarey and look in the
O's.  If your in the O's, you
might want to look for a
pitcher first and then the
word. You might skin throu.
And if you don't know what
skin means, you just do the
same thing.


The follwing are pictures of Jamie's early modeling career when she was 11 years old.

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